2,286 Acres Leesburg, GA


Tecomate founders David Morris and Dr. Gary Schwarz literally pioneered the food plot-based wildlife management system that has swept the country in recent years.  Tecomate proved that high-quality, year-round food plots, especially high-protein warm-season plots, can be used to grow more and bigger bucks than ever thought possible!  Indeed, Tecomate Seed is the “company forced into business by the deer we grew!”  For years, Gary and David not only managed their own ranches but also used their experience, knowledge and reputation to develop, market and sell many other Tecomate-branded properties.  The paradigm-shifting “Tecomate Management System,” as it is now known, has contributed greatly to the growth of whitetail-driven land management and ownership and the dramatic increase in rural land values and the emergence of a whitetail-centered lifestyle.  We continue our commitment of helping those who love the outdoors and the land gain the knowledge needed to become not only better hunters but better land and wildlife stewards.















Today, Tecomate is leveraging its powerful brand and unique experience and knowledge in the recreational real estate market under the name “Tecomate Properties, LLC,” a whitetail-centric brokerage, marketing, branding, and service company.  And, we at Tecomate Properties don’t just talk about management – we’re out there doing it everyday!  In addition to managing our own land, we seek out prime whitetail tracts across the country to develop under the Tecomate Management System, turning good properties into GREAT “Tecomate Signature Properties.”  Supported by the marketing reach of The Bucks of Tecomate and Tecomate Whitetail Nation TV shows and our industry-leading social media and through the work of our consulting biologists, Tecomate Properties (www.tecomateproperties.com) is committed to helping more people than ever realize their dream of owning and managing their own slice of whitetail country and growing more and bigger bucks than ever thought possible!  Afterall, Tecomate Properties knows firsthand that there is nothing like owning your own property and hunting a big whitetail you grew!

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