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Jon Kohler & Associates is a leading authority on quail plantations, ranches, and high-quality properties, creating a specialty niche where there wasn’t one before, while serving landowners who share a passion for fine land. Born from a passion for conservation 30 years ago, our philosophy is that our unique role is to encourage conservation and stewardship through maintaining a national market and host of buyers who recognize the value of our clients’ unique lands.  The firm is immersed in its role as the servant leaders in this niche from sales, marketing, management, and valuation of these unique properties. If you are a good land steward or desire to be one, we are going to help you accomplish your goals. We live the lifestyle as spokesmen and advocates for conservation with a television show reaching 1,000,000 viewers per episode and with an educational website used as the “go to” high quality land site since 2006. Serving on the Board of Directors and Vice-President of LandLeader, the largest land marketing company in America, gives our clients cutting edge, world-wide marketing exclusive to them. Since 2010 alone, we have closed 235,000 acres and $506,000,000 in sales.


















We carry inventory of only the finest, most unique properties. Our technique is unmatched marketing, knowledge, and landowner dedication the likes of which have never been seen in this niche.  We are not a traditional broker…we are servant leaders to this niche and its landowners; we are advisors, and we continually give our buyers advice for the land after they purchase property. We are experts on high quality land; we not only love land and broker land, but live the lifestyle ourselves and manage our own timberland, ranch, and hunting lands.

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