2,286 Acres Leesburg, GA

Ducks, Dove, and Small Game 



Current State


With the abundance of water on Fox Creek, the duck hunting is quite good as is, especially for wood ducks.  Several of the small hammock ponds and the upper reaches of the 75-acre lake offer good hunting for wood ducks…and certain times of the year, some migratory species.  


Future Management Potential


For a serious duck hunter/manager, Fox Creek offers the potential to develop major duck habitat in association with the 75-acre lake and on a natural steam-fed wetland complex on the north end on the Plantation.  Water-control structures and targeted plantings can greatly improve duck habitat and hunting on the upper reaches of the 75-acre lake.  Additionally, some wetland sites are conducive to the use of water-control structures to create “greentree reservoirs” and floodable duck ponds, which can be planted in Japanese millet, golden millet, corn, milo or the like in summer and flooded during duck season.  With the addition of these “duck holes,” waterfowl hunting opportunities will increase not only for wood ducks but also for various migratory species.  We are currently working with waterfowl professionals to determine the feasibility and cost to create these water-controlled “duck holes” around the property.  
















Southwest Georgia is known for its great dove hunting, and there are doves galore on and around Fox Creek.  With the many fields on Fox Creek, the quality of dove hunting is a function of how many fields and what crops are plantedand how they’re managed for maximum dove usage.  It’s just a matter of planting and managing favorites of doves – corn, milo, millet, sunflowers, etc. – and you can be assured they will be on Fox Creek in force when hunting time arrives. 












Rabbits flourish in the lush native habitat.  Fun can be had with a couple of friends and a pack of beagles!  Grey squirrels are abundant in all the hardwood bottoms and hammocks.  Fox squirrels of various color phases are common in the open pine uplands.  No management necessary.  Just enjoy.