2,286 Acres Leesburg, GA

Current State


Like quail, turkeys are a numbers game and Fox Creek Plantation is loaded with them. The open upland woodlands intersected by hardwood bottoms and laced with food plots and cropfields make for ideal turkey country.  We can vouch for great hunting – in a short few days, two of us limited out, with four of the six toms being 3 years old or older!  Fox Creek has turkeys   




Future Management Potential    


As for the future, good quail and deer management generally makes for good turkey habitat, though some intensive quail management practices, like annual burning, can affect turkey numbers.  Nearly all intensive deer management practices are good for turkeys.  “Hybrid” management for both deer and quail will certainly result in great turkey habitat and ensure outstanding spring hunting for years to come.  We’ve already done some of the simple things to further enhance the turkey population – like put in an expanded road system, add to the size and number of food plots, implement a checkerboard burning regime, protect key hardwood areas from fire and more. These actions will increase nesting/poult-rearing grounds, resulting in greater turkey production on Fox Creek…and as a bonus, draw more turkeys from surrounding properties and generally make hunting turkeys easier. The future looks bright for even more long beards and hooked spurs on the Plantation.     

Eastern Wild Turkey

fox creek turkey .png