2,286 Acres Leesburg, GA


Current State & Future Management Potential of Wildlife on Fox Creek Plantation

by David Morris & Mark Newell


The state of wildlife and wildlife habitat on Fox Creek is currently excellent, whether talking about quail, deer, turkeys, doves, ducks or even those Southern favorites, rabbits and squirrels.  A few hogs move on and off the Plantation and control efforts are underway. Our research shows the current populations of target wildlife species (quail, deer and turkey) are stronger than we initially thought.  Still, the full potential with proper management is yet to be realized.  It was that future potential that attracted us most when we first considered buying this property for development as a Tecomate SIGNATURE Property.  Now, after better familiarizing ourselves with the property and its wildlife, the upside potential for Fox Creek is even better than we thought.

Fox Creek is most renowned as a classic Southwest Georgia “Quail Plantation,” with open pine uplands interspersed with quail plots and strips and ag fields in corn and milo.  The quail uplands are edged by ribbons of hardwoods and creek bottoms, favored haunts of deer and turkeys.  The trademark “bobwhite” whistle rings through the early morning woods in every corner of the Plantation.  In the fall, quail hunters course the woodlands and fields on quail wagons as birddogs sweep for quail and lock up proudly on tail-high points.  Excitement runs high as hunters slowly move up behind the pointing dogs in breathless anticipation of the coming explosion of wingshooting’s most exciting moment, a bobwhite covey rise.   







Tecomate biologists would welcome the opportunity to help the new owner realize the full potential of Fox Creek. Upon request, we’re available to work out a future relationship with the owner.  Afterall, we want to see this phenomenal Tecomate Signature Property called Fox Creek Plantation realize its full potential!   

Tecomate Biologist Assessment